Eggplant Parmesan sandwich


  • There’s a new italian place near my work now so recently i had eggplant parmesan sandwich from them. It looked great but was too blah for my indian taste bud. No spice at all. And so i had to take matters in my own hand.:-)
  • Cut big eggplant slice 1 inch thick and put few cut across them. Smear it with salt, italian seasoning and crushed red pepper. You can add ginger, garlic and all indian spices too if you like.
  • Pan fry until cooked.
  • To put together sandwich, apply pizza sauce on bread, your fav cheese slice and put eggplant slice and toast it on stove or oven. You can add tomatoes, spinach, onion too if you like.
  • Serve it with pizza sauce on side, chips and most imp, don’t forget some cantaloupe.
  • Healthy meal in no time.

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