Baby corn curry


  • Have you ever seen fresh baby corn? I saw them at local asian store for the very first time. And had to buy them. They looked so cute and very tender. It was so much fun to clean them. Do try if you see them somewhere.
  • I made punjabi gravy with onion, tomatoes and cashew paste. Also added some red bell pepper.
  • I like punjabi curries with my gujju methi thepla. They go together very well.
  • Some boiled beet slices and grape tomatoes on the side.
  • Beets are liver cleansing in case you didn’t know and needed a reason to include them in your diet.

Eggplant Parmesan sandwich


  • There’s a new italian place near my work now so recently i had eggplant parmesan sandwich from them. It looked great but was too blah for my indian taste bud. No spice at all. And so i had to take matters in my own hand.:-)
  • Cut big eggplant slice 1 inch thick and put few cut across them. Smear it with salt, italian seasoning and crushed red pepper. You can add ginger, garlic and all indian spices too if you like.
  • Pan fry until cooked.
  • To put together sandwich, apply pizza sauce on bread, your fav cheese slice and put eggplant slice and toast it on stove or oven. You can add tomatoes, spinach, onion too if you like.
  • Serve it with pizza sauce on side, chips and most imp, don’t forget some cantaloupe.
  • Healthy meal in no time.

Simple dhaba meal


  • Does it not look dhaba meal? It’s very simple, healthy, low calorie and yet very  filling.
  • Curry made with french cut green beans ,carrots and little fresh coconut. Add other spices according to your taste.
  • Simple tuvar dal seasoned with just cumin seeds, add salt and cilantro leaves. Seasoning with ghee gives it a very good flavour. Make it thin more like soup.
  • And corn flour rotla.
  • Life and food both needs to be simple yet colorful.

Chevati dal


  • I don’t know who named this dal “Chevati dal” and why. “Chevati” doesn’t mean anything in gujarati. Also I haven’t seen anyone making it except in my community. Thought it would be a good idea to share with rest of the world b/c it’s really tasty.
  • Pressure cook 3 part urad dal with 1 part tuvar dal. Add a drop of oil while cooking else lot of water will come out from pressure cook when whistle goes off.
  • Add paste of ginger, garlic, red chili powder,cumin coriander powder, turmeric, salt and mix it well. Add water depending on how thin you want. It should neither be too thick nor too  thin.
  • Now seasoning is the trick here. Heat tbsp of oil and add chopped few cloves of garlic. When it turns brown, add dal mixture.Make sure you don’t burn garlic else it won’t taste good. Boil for few mins.
  • Garnish with cilantro and serve it with a slice of lemon.
  • Add little garam masala on the top while serving. You can add few curry leaves too while dal is boiling.
  • Every saturday or most of the saturday, this is the dinner in my community.
  • Urad dal is eaten to please lord Saturn on saturday. If you eat only 1 time on saturday, have this as dinner to pacify lord saturn.

Yogi’s soup


  • Simple recipe from my yoga teacher Pradip. He made this soup for us when we did “Meditation in motion” all night long. I just love it b/c  i can be creative with it and it’s so simple yet filling and nutritious.
  • Boil water and  add chopped vegetables like carrot,parsnip, turnip, potato, soft tofu,tomatoes, peas, green beans,spinach or any greens you like (Try some new chinese greens), sprouted mung beans,chick peas or any beans you have,  tsp of boiled dal(lentil) if you have, whole wheat pasta etc. Open your fridge and add anything you have.
  • I also add dried seaweed that i buy at asian store. They are naturally salty so no need to add extra salt.  Last year in fall, i got dry cough that kept me awake at night and then my acupuncturist told me to use seaweed. That took care of my dry cough in no time.
  • Simmer it on medium or low for 20-30 mins depending on time and your wish. You are the boss here.
  • Now the fun part. Add 1 of your favorite spice like sambhar powder, rasam powder or pickle masala . List goes on…I like to add rasam powder but then i add whatever i have.
  • Enjoy by itself or with some sandwich or whole wheat bread.
  • Check out whole wheat jalapeno bread recipe in bread section to go with this soup.
  • What’s yogi’s soup? Yoga meaning unity so yogi’s soup is what unites. To do that, you use what you have and don’t get into fight with yourself that i don’t have this and that. 
  • Even in life, we got to use what we have and not keep complaining of what we don’t have or stop living life b/c you don’t have something.  
  • Be creative and most imp, have fun !