Mung dal khichadi


  • According to Ayurveda, mung dal khichadi is tri-doshic and sattavic food. Ayurveda praises khichadi a lot.
  • It makes a good wholesome and yet light lunch. Perfect when one is under weather.
  • It used to be Mahatma Gandhi’s fav food. Have read it somewhere.
  • Add vegetables like carrot,potato, peas etc to make it wholesome.

Mint Dal


  • Boil any combination of dal you like. I used tuvar, mung, masoor dal.
  • Do usual seasoning and add some chopped mint leaves or if you are fuzzy, grind and add them to dal.
  • Enjoy minty dal with roti.
  • Most imp, be proud of yourself for trying something new.:-)

Ragada Pattice


  • Ragada is very versatile. You can eat with roti, rice or make this chat. Make a big pot and eat in different ways.
  • IĀ  freeze my sweet sour and green chutneys in small containers.
  • Friend gave me some potato pattice. So it was all very easy to put together.
  • After all life is abt give and take.