Outer Banks, NC Trip

One of the yoga family came up with the idea of going to outer banks and so we yoga family went on Labor Day weekend . Yes it was before hurricane Florence.

Before going , we had planned sunrise yoga on 1 day since we all are yoga enthusiasts. Early morning we all went to beach and waited for sun to rise. Once sun came out fully, we saluted sun by doing 1 round of sun salutation. It was beautiful. Then we all scattered around and did some yoga poses to get nice pictures. Some ppl did head stand too . Sharing few pictures from that morning.




Everyone experiences frustrations now and then but here’s a simple trick. Do the split as much as you can with a smile on the face . And just breathe for 10-15 mins. And observe . Keep the head up unless you can put forehead down.

It’s a tried and tested recipe.


Fusion Salad Bowl

Today is India’s Independence Day. Are we really independent? We are slaves of our habit. Can’t function without our morning tea, coffee what not. We need our so called healthy Indian food most of the days . Right ? Well, we can always break a habit.

In India , people complain that things are not available. So here’s the idea to make fusion Mexican salad bowl with the ingredients available in India.

  • Whenever I cook beans , I freeze some for rainy days. Today I used small red beans known as chori in gujarat.
  • Sauté some shredded red cabbage , carrot and add spices you like. Cook only 2-3 minutes so it retains crunchiness.
  • Add spices you like to beans and mix with cabbage . I added garlic powder, cumin powder , salt.
  • Add some chopped tomatoes, salsa if you have , green onions, colored peppers, cilantro, cucumber.
  • Avocado is available at some places so add that if you have.
  • Add yogurt and cheese .
  • You can also add some quinoa or different kind of Millets are available in India. No rice , no wheat plz.
  • Isn’t it easy to put together a nice big bowl of salad no matter where you live .
  • And it’s pretty filling.
  • Enjoy !
    • Stuffed Karela

      Where do I start? Karela and yummy seems strange but this is really yummy. I don’t like something so bitter but I do enjoy hint of bitterness. Even in life , your words if they have a hint of bitter I can enjoy but not something totally bitter for absolutely no reason. But bitter has anti viral, anti bacterial property too so very bitter is needed in those cases.

      There are so many different variations of stuffed Karela online so pick the way you like. Mostly everyone uses some besan to stuff Karela. This is how I made it and they turned out the way I like it: hint of bitterness and good stuff stuffed inside .

      • Take tender Indian Karela . Scrape the surface , put a slit on skin and remove inside seeds and clean it. Take scrapes and tender white seeds and add some salt. Let it sit for an hr and the squeeze water out from it . That will remove bitterness also.
      • Steam Karela for 4-5 mins depending on size. Be careful and do not overdo it. Underdone is better than overdone.
      • Heat coconut oil and crack cumin seeds . Add pinch of hing if you have it. Also some fennel seeds.
      • Add scrape and seeds. Sauté for a min or two.
      • Add chickpea flour and roast it properly. Add more oil if needed.
      • Add turmeric, chili powder, cumin-coriander powder and salt. I added chat masala too.
      • Let the mixture cool down and then add some dry coconut powder. You can add sesame seeds or powder too.
      • Stuff the Karelas , tie them with cooking thread .
      • Heat coconut oil in a nonstick pan and cook karelas turning all sides.
      • Time to taste. Lovely.
      • Share with everyone around you.
      • Enjoy!

      Mint Rice

      Mint bonanza is still going on. Do you know Mint is good for skin too? I think my skin is shiny because of mint am eating . Ok so made mint rice today with lots of vegetables in it. Here’s my version of mint rice.

      • Cook basmati rice with salt , little coconut oil and keep it aside. Mine got little over cooked .
      • Mint paste: Fun part.. pick mint from garden or pot . Rinse and take just leaves. Throw it in a magic bullet . Add some cilantro leaves if you like. Throw a piece of ginger , garlic , green chili according to your taste and make a paste with little water. Keep the paste on the side .
      • Heat oil in another nonstick pan. Crack some cumin seeds. Add some dry spices like clove , bay leaf.
      • Add chopped onion and sauté.
      • Add tomatoes and cook.
      • Now add veggies you like. Cauliflower, broccoli, carrot, potatoes, green beans, paneer , tofu, mushroom. Add salt.
      • Cover and cook just right . Don’t want veggies to be mushy.
      • Add mint paste and sauté for few mins.
      • Add rice and carefully mix everything.
      • Garnish with cashews.
      • Hold on now… cover the pot and go for a walk while all flavors mingle with each other.
      • When you return, enjoy mint rice.
      • Enjoy!