Stuffed Bitter Gourd

Growing bitter gourd in garden and getting few now. Bitter taste is missing in modern diet. It’s nice to include bitter gourd in diet .

People try to remove bitterness by adding salt and squeezing it but I keep all bitter . Why would you eat bitter gourd if no bitterness left?

Keep the uniqueness of bitterness in bitter gourd . Stuffed Karela taste really good.



Do you do any gardening? It’s so much fun. I don’t like to use any store bought fertilizer. So I bury kitchen waste, leaves in garden and they do good .

Serrano pepper plant was twice chewed by bunny. But then bunny left and pepper plant grew again.

Gardening is a good hobby and you learn so much from nature .


Bitter Tea

There are 6 flavors and we should have all 6 everyday according to Ayurveda.

Here’s one way to make bitter tea.

Roast methi seeds called fenugreek seeds in English on low medium heat. Just 4-5 mins else it will burn . Powder it and you can store it.

Add a tea spoonful of powder to hot water.

Enjoy nice bitter flavor just the way you enjoy dessert. Yes, you will have to work on it.


Green Beans With Pasta

Green beans with dhokri (pasta) is a Gujarati dish . Dhokri is made with wheat flour, spoonful of chickpea flour for flavor and spices. Make dough with water and press with fingers in a small round.

If you love green beans or have plenty from garden and want to try this recipe , you can use flat pasta or noodles. Cut them in 1 inch pieces. You can use lasagna sheet too .

Add Indian spices. You can check authentic recipes and just replace with flat pasta or noodles .

Sprinkle lemon juice and garnish with cilantro.

Update for keto: Realized green beans can be eaten on keto diet. And keto pasta also available . Try it using Indian spices like ginger, garlic , turmeric, chili. It will turn out tasty I think.

Yummy 1 pot meal.