Fig Coconut Bar

Easy breezy fig bars. Remember my fig tree and how I dehydrated figs. Fresh figs will start again in few months so trying to use up last year’s stock.

This bars are so so easy. Blend your dry figs with just enough coconut milk to make a paste. Add honey if needed. Pour in your popsicle bars. Fill it all the way unlike me. Freeze for few hrs.

And Slurp slurp. 😛



Eid Celebration

Looking for new party ideas ? Here’s one . I need to create new category for party ideas since I always have ideas . Check my previous Diwali Dhamaka, Arabic Mehfil too. There are so many Festivals around the world so you can pick one that speaks to you. And you don’t have to be from that part of the world.

Hosted Eid Celebration at my home. As always kept it a potluck so everyone can research and get a chance to cook something new. We had few veg kababs, veg biryani, savaiyaa , corn basket, dates , hummus etc etc. I forgot to take pictures that day of all food.

we also played a game passing the pillow. I made few Chits with some fun tasks before hand . And then asked everyone to write one that they won’t mind doing. Some ppl wrote play a dead , sleep , head stand , swim.:-) People are very creative. Everyone enjoyed including kids.

What’s your next party ?


Marigold From Seeds

Dollar tree had flower seeds 2packs for a dollar in fall and so I had bought them. Wanted to try out flowers from seeds. Other pack I bought was Dahlia. And both of them grew nicely and they are quick. I had emptied both pack in 2 pots and lots of plants came out.

Merigold I transferred to a big pot and Dahlia into ground. They are doing good and I see buds on them too.

Try out if you have never grown flowers from seed. They seem to be very easy.


Watermelon Indian Way

Summer is here and so does watermelon. If you have never tried watermelon Indian way, then this is for you. Sprinkle some salt and roasted cumin powder on it. It’s good after hike or on a hot day when you sweat so much and so losing salt . Good way to hydrate yourself. People who work outside on hot days will also benefit from this.

Enjoy !