Food According To The Planets – Vedic Astrology 

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Let’s do food too for each planet of the week.

  • Sunday: planet Sun- food associated is wheat. Taste – bitter (like bitter gourd). Don’t eat wheat if you are allergic to it.
  • Monday: planet Moon – food associated is white rice which is cooling just like moon light. Taste – salty. Don’t start dumping salt on food. Instead you can include sea vegetables.
  • Tuesday: planet Mars – food is red lentils / masoor. Taste – pungent. If you are told that your “mangal” is too strong, then eat/drink some aloe vera juice which is cooling.
  • Wednesday : planet Mercury – food is mung beans. Taste – mixed. You can eat mung dal and other green color vegetables too.
  • Thursday: planet Jupiter – food is chick peas. Taste – sweet. sweet doesn’t mean sugar and cakes. But lot of foods are naturally sweet like both rice and wheat is sweet. If you chew properly, you will know. Chick peas are sweet too.
  • Friday – planet Venus – food is lima beans (we call val in gujarati). Taste – sour. Do you know that santoshi ma vrat where sour is prohibited for 16 fridays? It’s all related.
  • Saturday – planet Saturn – food is sesame seeds , urad dal (black lentils). You can eat any black color food like black beans, black sesame seeds, black rice. And also blue color food. Taste – astringent.

If you are trying to work with planets, astrology and fasting then you can include food for that planet. Before you start any good diet or new plan it’s a good idea to cleanse yourself first by taking laxative, drinking water. It’s like starting with a clean state. Also you can do mantras for the planets. Do it for 16 weeks and observer changes. Have an open mind.

Do you know abt rainbow diet? It basically says include all colors in your diet. Planet based diet is same. Include all taste and colors. And have a balanced meal.

Enjoy !

Mung Dal Pancake


Everyone seems to be looking for protein rich breakfast ideas so here’s a simple one if you don’t know already. And am not sure if I already posted. 

  • Soak mung dal in water for 2-3 hrs. You can use whole mung too but soak them overnight.
  • Grind with water and spices you like. I added garlic and green chili. Add chopped herb of your choice. Methi , cilantro, parsley, mint etc. 
  • You know bean combined with grain makes perfect protein . So I added some jowar/sorghum flour. You can add wheat flour too but I am trying to not eat wheat, rice for few days. Because we Indians eat that almost everyday and ppl end up with wheat allergy so good to switch around and don’t keep eating same thing everyday .
  • Adjust salt and make pancake usual way.
  • Few roasted asparagus and it’s a good hot breakfast or any meal .
  • You can experiment with other dals too. Chana dal or masoor dal or combination will be good too.

So do you eat almost same kind of things everyday? Think abt it. May be its time to shuffle it around. We end up with same routine everyday and if anything goes little different, we freak out. I often hear ppl complaining that they are so bored. Ask them to do something new and then oh I don’t have time or some other excuse .Food is 1 way to bring changes. 

Enjoy some changes !

Papad Ki Subji – Trash To Treasure


People who knows me know that I am not into throwing away food. I like to be creative with everything and use what I have in a different way or give it to someone who has some use for it. Have you heard Gandhi’s 1 of popular quote “There’s enough for everyone’s need but not for greed.” If you don’t use what you already have and keep expecting more… Then good luck with that.

So, I got this papad from India and they turned out too salty and spicy and I actually hardly eat papad. So i was about to throw away but then decided to put back for some reason . Glad I did because this papad ki Subji idea came. It’s a very simple dish from Rajasthan. Basically it’s kadhi with papad. There are lots of version online. Here’s my simplest version:

  • Take sour yogurt and add little  basan, turmeric powder. Keep it aside.
  • Heat oil or ghee. Crack some cumin seeds . I added few methi seeds too.
  • Add yogurt sauce , water depending on consistency you like. Adjust salt.
  • I didn’t add any spices since papads were spicy. But you can add anything you like.
  • To make it healthy, add some cauliflower florets. It will go well with yogurt sauce.
  • If you leave this curry after cooking , it will get thick.
  • Find your creative side. This papad ki Subji is result of someone ‘s creativity after all. Isn’t it? We sometimes forget the thought behind things , here cooking. People were creative with their cooking in olden times and used what they had or grew in that area.
  • Enjoy !

Yummy Gatte Ki Subji 

Life Or food in desert is yummy. Gatte ki Subji is popular in Rajasthan where fresh vegetables probably were not available year around. So they learned to make yummy curries from whatever was available. Now a days everything is available everywhere but when you run out of vegetables , it’s snowing outside and you want to eat something good, try this curry. 

I had first time few months back at the friend’s place and it was so good that i had to try my hands and it turned out good. Very easy to make. I followed recipe from here:

Gatte ki sabzi

Have a side of salad or steamed /roasted vegetables on the side to make it a good healthy meal and have it with Roti . 

Enjoy !

Ath Shri Mahabharata Katha 


Few weeks back some of us friends did a Mahabharata play. Few scenes, little dancing, singing and some narration. We all dressed up in character and it was fun to be creative in outfits and make things using what’s available here or what we had at home. I played mama shakuni and Sanjaya. Picture is of me dressed up as shakuni. So basically it was all fun and we all enjoyed it. Few things we realized as we did Mahabharata that I would like to share.

Mahabharata is an Indian ancient epic story and its abt war. Gita our holy book is part of it.

So how does the war start?

  • With comparison. 1st sloka of Gita starts with comparison of kaurva and pandva. So don’t compare.
  • Gambling. It all started with losing things in gambling. So don’t gamble.
  • When you try to snatch away or keep others belonging . Here Duryodhana refused to return kingdom. 

When pandvas go to jungle for 13 years, they don’t waste that time. They learn all weapons and what not and they do lot of “tapsya” which finally comes handy during war. No matter where we are , we should use the time to learn.

For Sanjaya ‘s character, as I was trying to  figure out few things to say from Gita and I wanted to keep it simple and something that is applicable in today’s world.. I realized whole purpose of Gita was to make Arjuna fight. Being kashriya, his karma is to fight irrespective of result.

I also recited popular sloka from Gita.

Yada Yada Hi Dharmsya, Glanirbhavati Bharat |

Abhayuthanam adharmsya, tadatmanm srjamyaaham ||

Meaning when there’s so much adharm, I take birth to bring back dharma.

Everyone liked the way I recited sloka and I was amazed at my own talent of reciting sloka beautifully. Never knew I had this talent.

Also my teacher pointed out a very good point that battle is always in the head. And that’s why there’s a saying that Mahabharata is always happening.

Dhitrashtra who is blind in epic was blind in a way that he couldn’t differentiate right from wrong.

Don’t start Mahabharata over Mahabharata. Everyone has their own understanding and theory. 

Enjoy Mahabhart !