My Thoughts On Fasting

         As i am ready to break my fast today, thought i should do a post on fasting.  So why fast? This is what i have realised with my few navratri fast experiences. And I have never done water only fast. More of indian ways but with as simple as possible for me. Yeah, no sabudana vada.  You can check my navratri recipes post to see what i ate.

  • We all clean our homes,dishes, laundry routinely and most of us take shower too everyday as part of cleansing. But do we ever clean our inside ? We eat 4-5 times a day. Our digestive system never gets rest or get time to clean itself.  With simple food, body/organs gets some time to do other job.
  • Fast also teaches some detachment. We are attached  or slaved to too many habits. So it gives time to break routine and do some thing different. If you don’t get your cup of morning tea or coffee, then it’s not end of the world. You can go with your day as usual.
  • When i was learning mudra, fast helped me to see what mudra was doing. Generally there’s so much food in the body that you don’t feel anything else.

Note : Weak, nursing, pregnant women should not fast.

Navratri Lunch, Dinner Ideas

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  • Does everyone know that Prime Minister Modi is also fasting? Isn’t that awesome?
  • Hope everyone is doing good on fast. I really got sick on 1st day by  afternoon and had to leave work. Got little better at night but hardly ate anything.
  • 2nd day was little better and i made some dinner so that my detox slows down. 
  • Rajgira paratha : Added little boiled potato, sindhov salt and freshly crushed black pepper. Black Pepper helps getting rid of toxins  is what i read in Ayurveda so had to put that knowledge in use. Added little too much salt and so was very salty and after not having any salt for 2 days, even little salt feels too much. So be careful how much salt you put.
  • Left over boiled potato, i made kinda kadhi. Season ghee with cumin seeds, add potato and yogurt with little rajgira flour. Little sindhov salt.
  • That was my dinner on day 2. I know it feels like i ate too much.
  • Lunch i eat mostly fruits and nuts. Today i blended fresh figs from garden with banana and topped it with some almond and walnut.
  • Everyone hang in there. It does feel great after wards.
  • Enjoy !

Tulsi – Queen of herb


  • Tulsi or Holy Basil is praised and worshipped so much in india. Of course for a reason. It has so many health benefits too. In india, ppl use it for cold, cough, fever , good for digestion etc etc. 
  • Most of the indian families keep at least 1 tulsi plant. I used to grow too but since i didn’t use it for anything ,stopped growing.
  • But few weeks back, when i turned soil in 1 of the container to grow cilantro, tulsi plant started growing. I guess last year’s seeds were in pot.
  • This time i decided to put it in use and made tea and read few books abt tulsi too.
  • Since plant is so small i just got few leaves and boiled them with water.
  • Tea came out very mild so i didn’t add anything extra. When plant grows or next year i will experiment more and will update this page.
  • But tulsi is anti bacterial, anti viral , rich in anti-oxidants what not.
  • So if you like tea, why not try tulsi tea and reap some benefits? But keep tea simple not loaded with sugar, milk etc.
  • Enjoy !

Navratri ideas for non-fasters

          Navratri is starting from thursday 25th. Not everyone fasts but you can do different things. It’s a good time to break old habits.

         Here’s some of my ideas.

  • You can be vegetarian for 9 days.
  • Give up your vices for 9 days.
  • If you are already vegetarian, try gluten free diet .
  • Try to stay oil free and use only nuts or natural fat.
  • Dairy free if dairy is your weakness.
  • Give up white sugar, white flour, white rice.
  • Give up morning tea, coffee.
  • Eat only vegetables and no dry beans.

Find something new or different thing to do depending on your situation, circumstances and have fun with it.

Happy Navratri !

Home Made Grape Juice


  • In India, we have a lot of juice bars where they make fresh fruit juices and they will be so tasty. Fresh juices taste so much different from store bought.
  • Today, i made grape juice from red grapes. Had a whole bag of grapes sitting in fridge for a while so juice is a good way to use it.
  • Rinse grapes and throw in magic bullet or any blender you have. No extra water. Blend it for few seconds, strain and drink it. Yes, that simple.
  • Juice came out really very tasty. I would say must try if you never had fresh grape juice before.
  • It made very little so i will have to make more now.
  • Enjoy !