All Abt Ghee


  • “Ghee makes body flexible. Good for improving memory and lubricates connective tissue.”  – excerpt from book Ayurvedic Cooking for self-healing .
  • All indians know importance of ghee and we all grew up having little ghee depending on how much family could afford. Good quality ghee in india is expensive.
  • But now with weight problems, cholesterol or simply a new craze to not have ghee. 
  • Ghee has many benefits and ayurveda praises ghee a lot.  It’s tridoshic. If you know your ayurveda type, for vata and pitta ghee is good. And kapha can have little bit too.
  • If you have weight problems, cholesterol then you don’t want to eat ghee or you can have very little and give up some other fat.
  • Same for kapha types, they can give up some other fat from diet and include little ghee.
  • I will tell you my experience with ghee. There was a time when i didn’t eat any ghee too and i used to have dry skin even in summer.  When i started learning abt all food and realised ghee is good, i added little bit ghee back in my diet. Didn’t know much abt Ayurveda then.  I did notice that my skin was not dry anymore, no dandruff…i know..yuck.
  • It’s easy to make and there are plenty of recipes, videos online.
  • How to use ghee: Add like 1/2 tsp on your soup instead of cheese, spread on tortilla or sandwich bread instead of other spreads, oil . Half tsp over rice. Or over your steamed vegetables.
  • Enjoy !

Fig Laddus, Mind And Diwali


  • Is everyone making snacks, sweets for Diwali and sharing with friends, family?
  • There are lots of Diwali recipes for everything online which are very helpful and thanks to all wonderful cooks who are sharing their recipes.
  • I saw this wonderful burfi recipe here:
  • As you all know my fig story, when i saw recipe using figs i wanted to try. But then i hardly make sweets so wasn’t sure how successful i will be.
  • And that’s when mind started playing it’s what i call games.
  • Mind: You know how much everyone is loving figs, you should give to ppl instead of experimenting and wasting them.
  • Me: Almost convinced, then wait a min… I will not experiment right now and when i won’t have tree, i will regret not trying out recipes using fresh figs. I have been wanting to make sweet using figs for a while. Phew…  Decided, m gonna experiment.
  • Don’t we all go thro’ this kinda scenarios now and then? Anytime we want to try something new, we find a reason not to do it.  Just to regret later….If we are AWARE, then we know when it’s mind playing games or there’s a genuine reason not to do something.
  • Back to recipe:  Blend fresh figs first, soak dates in it for 30 mins. If needed, add little milk. Blend everything again. I had more figs so added more figs but fig, date ratio is flexible.
  • Heat ghee (add more, less depends on you) or unsalted butter,  add fig-date mixture and cook until it becomes thick. Use nonstick pan. Now add sugar.
  • Add cardamom powder, chopped nuts of your choice.
  • First i spread on thali and thought will cut squares but then it’s was little soft. So i ended up making laddus and covered with dry coconut powder.
  • My friends liked them very much and asked to put it on blog hence they made it here. 
  • Happy Diwali Everyone ! May you all light your own lamp !

Veggie Rava Idly & Vitamin A


  • Most of the kids/ppl now a  days don’t eat enough vegetables. Let’s not get into reasons.
  • I like to add vegetables into everything. So of course even my idly will have vegetables. This is instant rava idly. Added some chopped cilantro, shredded carrot, torn curry leaves.
  • There are plenty of recipes for it online so i won’t repeat.  The only thing am suggesting is add some vegetables.
  • Chutney made with cilantro, curry leaves, coconut and yogurt. 
  • Wanted to talk abt Vitamin A. Everyone knows most of the benefits of Vitamin A and that it’s good for eyes and carrot has Vitamin A.
  • Here’s an excerpt from Healing with whole foods book : ” Those who are pregnant, lactating or undergoing a disease process usually have greater requirements. More Vitamin A is needed in the cooler seasons and who uses their eyes extensively for reading or other focused work.”
  • Now sit back and think for a second. Are you getting enough? Are your kids getting enough?
  • Vitamin A is stored in liver for what i call rainy days. We all save money for rainy days so i would think it’s better to have little extra in this dept too for those rainy days.
  • When you get from vegetables, it’s not toxic and anything extra your liver will store.
  • All greens, yellow, orange food is rich in Beta Carotene which liver converts into Vitamin A as needed.
  • I got some Vitamin A in today’s lunch since cilantro, carrot, curry leaves all has beta carotene/vitamin A.
  • What abt you?
  • Enjoy !

Soup with seaweed and cabbage curry


  • I say this every fall but seaweed is really good to eat in fall when air is dry. I have seen very good benefit with dry cough so now when i feel it’s coming, i just make soup with seaweeds and it’s kinda instant relief.
  • There are many kinda seaweed so buy the kind that is for soup. It will say on the pkg.
  • Made red bean/chori soup with it. Use less salt since seaweed is already salty and also it’s rich in natural iodine.
  • You can make any soup you like and just add seaweed to it.
  • Cabbage is another wonderful vegetable with lots of benefits and very easy to cook.Also very cheap too. Here’s a simple way to cook for non-indians who won’t have all indian spices.
  • Heat olive oil or any oil you like, season with mustard seeds and or cumin seeds. Add slit green or red chilli, chopped/paste garlic.
  • Add shredded or chopped cabbage, cover and cook. Add salt after it’s cooked little bit.
  • You can add some green peas to it too.
  • Enjoy !

Dudh poha on sharad purnima


  • Today is sharad purnima which is celebrated in Gujarat. I do not know how ppl celebrate now a days but while growing up, it was simple. We eat dudh poha with sugar and or jaggery. Some dudh poha is kept outside under moon light and then we have that as prasad and we can eat dudh poha as much as we like. Also bhajiyas were made. That was all for dinner on sharad purnima.
  • Everyone sits outside in moon light and there was a big ground where ppl would gather and have “Ghari”. Ghari is a sweet associated with this day.
  • Reason for eating dudh poha on this day  according to ayurveda , is to pacify pitta which generally increases during this time of year.
  • Sitting out under moon light also pacifies pitta.
  • I made bhajiyas and even left dudh poha outside for sometime so it absorbs some moon light. It really tasted great and it was fun to do it. :-)
  • Moon is very beautiful on sharad purnima. Do check it out.
  • Enjoy !

 Updating this post since some ppl are looking for dudh poha recipe:

  • Tomm 8th oct is sharad purnima this year 2014.
  • Wash poha in water and remove all water. Leave it aside for 10 mins.  Add cold milk, sugar or jaggery depending on your taste.
  • If you want to keep it outside under moon light, cover it with cotton cloth or put a lid. If you are just standing there then it’s ok to keep it open i guess.
  • Have fun !